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澳门新濠天地网址:Fund Weekly Commentary: 70% decline in fund Shen Wan aggressive week down 30.14%

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内容摘要: crash mode is still the end of the two cities, as of 10 am today,stock indexhas fallen below 3200 points, nearly 6% decline in nearly a wee...

crash mode is still the end of the two cities, as of 10 am today, stock index has fallen below 3200 points, nearly 6% decline in nearly a week, all gains in January or take. Affected by this week, the fund dropped by 70% and the rating B dropped almost across the board. One common equity funds and hybrid funds over Jiucheng fell; grade funds over Liucheng down; ETF Nearly nine down; QDII fund over Jiucheng fell, only three rose; bond funds over Liucheng up; Spring Festival approaching, Monetary Fund Yield continued to rise.


Continuous stock market crash, this week's common stock funds and mixed funds fell Jiucheng. Including GF Xinlong Mix A rose 8.83%, the largest increase, China Merchants Fengle Mix A rose 2.95%, Merchants Fengle mixed C rose 2.93%, the National League An Xinsheng Composite A rose 1.57%; Everbright Pramerica mixed configuration fell 11.01% The largest decline, Everbright Pramerica made in China mixed fell 10.89%, Cathay Pacific Internet + shares fell 9.69%, Cathay Pacific's new economy flexible configuration fell 9.68% mixed.


Graded funds fell over Liucheng, rating B fell across the board, military, Real estate The theme of the overall decline in the largest classification. Among them, China Merchants China Coal Card B rose 1.29%, the largest increase, China Merchants China Coal Equity Index rose 0.78%, E Fund Aggregate grading bonds launched rose 0.56% B, Peng Hua Fortress rose 0.43%; Shen Wan Ling Xin Shen million enterprising Down 30.14%, the largest decline, the former Hai Kaiyuan Aviation Industry B fell 29.68%, Shen Wanling letter China Securities Military Index B fell 25.80%, Merchants 300 Real Estate B fell 25.79%.


ETF fell nearly Jiucheng. Among them, Huaxia 300ETF joint C rose 29.40%, the largest increase, the net value of rose or due to large redemption, Harvest CSI Middle-term bond ETF rose 0.25%, Shanghai Fortis Shanghai Pledge City Bonds ETF rose 0.18%, the Fortis Shanghai ETF ETF rose 0.16%; the South China Securities real estate ETFs fell 9.36%, the largest decline in the South Real Estate Connection C fell 9.08%, South Real Estate Connection A fell 9.07%, E Fund HS Hang Seng Enterprises Down 8.02%.


QDII funds fell more than 90%, only three rose. Including Yinhua H shares A rose 0.09%, ICBC global dollar bonds A US dollar rose 0.07%, Rongtong China concept bonds rose 0.06%; Yinhua H shares B fell 14.14%, the largest decline, melting Fengli quarter of the securities fell 11.34%, Huitianfu Hang Seng Index Sub-B dropped by 10.73% while Huabao Oil and Gas decreased by 8.81%.

\n?Bonds surpassed 60%. Among them, Rongrong pure C debt rose 15.59%, the largest increase, Ping An Da Hua Hui Yi pure debt rose 1.94%, Nordisk Tianxi rose 0.91%, Golden Eagle Tim Hui pure debt bonds rose 0.79%; Wan Li Xinli fell 6.91% , The largest decline, the days of research-driven flexible configuration hybrid A fell 3.72%, CCB bond enhanced bond C fell 3.19%, Dazheng
convertible bonds
enhanced bonds fell 3.17%.


As the Spring Festival approached, the yield of the IMF rose again. According to February 8 data, a total of 27 Monetary Fund 7 annualized yield over 5%, a total of 556 Monetary Fund 7 annualized yield over 5%, in addition, the 5 Monetary Fund per million fund surpluses over 2 Yuan, a total of 96 Monetary Fund per million fund income over 1.30 yuan.





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